Strategy is at the heart of the whole process. If all planned actions from announcement to event management are successful, it starts with the correct preparation of this strategy.

Marketing communication can be defined as the ways of service / product advertisement to reach its consumers.

It is the state of communicating what we want to convey to the relevant target audience. Communication is mutual exchange of information, ideas, thoughts and perceptions. It is the exchange process that it establishes between promotion and the consumer, either through the media or using other elements of the marketing strategy.

Determining the factors that trigger purchasing, measuring brand experiences at consumer contact points, measuring the performance of advertising, measuring brand value and brand dynamics, revising the media planning strategy and revising the marketing communication strategy are important steps that will take us to the right goal. For the advertising strategy, we can say that it is the face of our company to its target audience.

The important point of a good advertising strategy is to have the right information about the target audience, the channels that reach that target audience and their selection with a flexible and creative planning.

We determine the demographic structure, behavior, needs and demands of our target audience and keep them alive in virtual people.

We start our journey towards success with the Product Concept and positioning.

Media Selection We determine the most effective means of transportation for our target audience.

In our Advertising Message, we take into account the characteristics or values that distinguish us from our competitors, our persuasion effort and competitor work.

We catch our target audience in written content.

The visual content is designed in line with our message and catchy.

We also take into account our future sales forecasts and market share in the advertising budget.

We analyze the Ad Results.

We carefully examine the laws regarding advertising.