We manage social events such as launch, dealer meeting, fair participation, which we set up together with the departments of our business partners such as marketing and corporate communication, where we establish warm contact with customers and internal or external social stakeholders, and which we set up in line with the messages we want to give, thus promoting the brand and the product. We carry out the pre-event, during and post-event processes (project planning, budgeting, design, procurement, planning, operation, implementation, reporting, etc.), in line with the determined goals, adhering to the strategic principles we have prepared.


Event Marketing

With event marketing, you can increase the number of your potential customers, reach more people, communicate, give messages firsthand, and get the most accurate feedback instantly. By focusing on event-based marketing, you can increase the number of potential customers and reach more people.

 40% of people use social media to promote their events.

60% of B2B marketing teams find Event Marketing very effective.

40% are turned into positive transformation and sales with  face-to-face communication at events.

We organize organizations in line with the goals of the brand or product.

In particular, we determine the place where the target audience lives as the working area. We communicate directly with the consumer, get a healthier feedback from the target audience and follow up. We provide dance shows, musical organizations, tasting tests, product experiences on the street, shopping mall, ballroom, beach or fair stand. We train dealers and organize events in Turkey or abroad with award programs. While bringing together the people we want in a healthy competitive environment with sports tournaments, we create habits and make the event traditional. We distribute gifts, we always live in their minds while creating smiles in people.

Why Do We Do Events?

We can develop awareness and belonging to the institution with real cooperation and sharing within the institution.

We can get results of change in thinking and behavior with original content educational studies.

We can accelerate the purchasing processes by directly introducing / having them experience with the distributor / dealer / consumer.

We can contribute to our prestige by choosing venues domestically or abroad.

We can increase our sales figures.

We can be in the media, in the press,

We can create an agenda for social media.

We increase your corporate identity value and reputation.

We make your communication

We can help people who create social value, provide support or motivation. In fun and safe environments,

we increase the motivation of the participants in line with our purpose.

By sharing their experiences with the people we communicate with, we can reinforce the brand / institution image by reaching the desired levels from reliable first-line.

We can promote the product by touching the service to its target audience in the same physical environment and keeping it alive.

We can clearly observe the preferences and trends of our target audience and contribute to our decisions.

We can collect healthy data and measure reactions with questionnaires and interactions.

We can have a lot of fun, have a lot of fun or just relax and enjoy.

Our general activity processes develop as follows after obtaining the necessary permissions.

  • We design and make invitations / announcements,
  • Printed Materials -We design and manufacture invitations, posters, badges, welcome letters, speech cards, brochures etc.
  • We prepare promotional films, animations, videos and presentations.
  • We plan the transportation of the place (Indoor / outdoor)
  • We determine the treats, the menu (catering) according to the events and participants.
  • Gift / awards / promotional products are designed and received.
  • We design the stage, décor, stand, reception desk, seating groups, etc.-
  • we carry out the applications and follow each step carefully.
  • We get professional support for decorations
  • We are completing the work done for the branding, namely the visibility of the brand.
  • We rent technical equipment suitable for venue and event presentations (sound, light, image, generator)
  • The teams on duty are selected according to their expertise and their clothes are determined. -Parking / valet, security and ambulance are meticulously treated.
  • Live Performances-   Presenter- Sound artist / group- Stand-up / dance / acrobatics / illusion… etc.
  • We make connections and manage the process for show performances.
  • Film Photography production requires certain expertise. It is distributed to the press, social media and participants as soon as possible.
  • We report.